Fuck Yeah ! Brandon Walden
You’re so fucking attractive, like holy shit.

Can i… have Brandon please.

for valentine’s day..

and every other day.

YEAH. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

There’s 52 of you following this blog,

how about you submit sotries about meeting Brandon, or pictures with/of him.

do it do it do it.

he’s sexy.

While writing and recording songs for our upcoming full length we got inspired to record a cover of the Enrique Iglesias hit single “Tonight”. Brandon and Petie were bored one Saturday night in Orlando and decided to make this video entirely in one night of filming/editing to accompany the recording. This is the dirty version.

oh my gosh, brandon. kjhjgfhsdf

you edit videos amazingly & i just love you.

you are so fucking beautiful.

Hey Brandon, let’s fuck.